Betwixt Shawl Yarn Trio - Goth 🕸 -for Halloween KAL by Ambah O'Brien- Free US Shipping


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Your colors:  

  1. Purple Poison 
  2. Elvira (multi-tonal red) 
  3. Pewter (gray)



Included with your yarn bundle are three skeins of Aussie Extra Fine Fingering 4 ply Yarn plus a themed Halloween stitch marker and progress keeper, plus a few Trick or Treats, just for fun. 


Your kit will be a total of 300 grams, approximately  yards, 3 skeins.

Each skein of Aussie Extra Fine Fingering: 

Fingering weight 4 ply Superwash 

19.5 micron Extra Fine Australian Merino - Mulesing Free

Spun in Italy

Approximately 100 grams/400 meters or 3.5 oz./437 yards

Recommended needle size 2.5 mm - 4 mm

Gauge (stockinette) 28 stitches x 36 rows over 10 cm/4 inches on 3.25 mm (US 3) needles

International customers will get a $3 discount on international shipping

Hand dyed in Texas in small batches



Please hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry for best color retention.  Dyes may bleed slightly on initial washing.  Always test your gauge swatch for dyes bleeding when combining colors.

You are welcome to order other items to ship with this kit with no additional shipping charge.  All items will be shipped together with the Betwixt yarn bundles are ready. 

I'm test knitting this shawl, so check out the Betwixt test thread to see the difference between switching light and dark colors (black and orange in the test knit) as C1 and C2, as I had to switch due to an error in the chart that has been corrected.  

NOTES ON THIS KIT (WARNING:  A bit rambling!)

Determine which color you want to dominate and use it as your cast on color (C1).  In the charts, it's the lighter color, so would be the gray.  However, your shawl will be more "goth" if you use the darker color as C1, with the lighter color, the gray, as C2, peeping through and outlining the flowers. However, if you follow the charts, you will be knitting with the darker color when you're looking at the lighter color on the chart . . .  I've done it, it's possible, but just be warned.  If you don't use charts, no problem.

For highest contrast I recommend that you use the gray as one of the colors of the mosaic stitch section of the shawl to make sure you have enough contrast.  Using the red and purple together in the mosaic would be absolutely stunning, then the gray as the "skeleton lace", but it may not have enough contrast if you really want to see the flowers pop.  Please swatch this combo first or be forever warned!

Gunmetal would work in place of the gray if you'd like something darker and an extreme contrast is not that important to you.  Or if you really want extreme contast, Barely Gray in place of the new gray.  Just email wendy@amandahopeyarn if you want to substitute Gunmetal (not shown) or Barely Gray (not shown)for new gray.  Please check out those two grays if you think you may want them.  

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