Do you know Carissa Browning, a young knitwear designer from Texas?  She did the Wonder Woman Wrap last year that Ravelers went crazy over.  She's designed a wonderful symmetrical triangle shawl for Amanda Hope Yarn Aussie Extra Fine Single.  With the pattern you get a large size that takes four colors, or a smaller size that uses two skeins.

I'm knitting one up right now.  I chose the smaller size and two of my new colors, Cashmere Pearl and Understated.   I'm on the final stretch, but I've knit enough to give you these observations.

It's elegant.  It incorporates a slip stitch on the bias, and color-blocking, and a center seam down the center of the triangle.  Triangulate also has a neat and tidy edging..

It's a relaxing knit.  The stitch sequences are easy and make good tv knitting or social knitting, or wine knitting, or all three.

It's an ingenious construction.  You knit the two tails, then you join the two tails and continue down to complete it.  Easy, Peasy.

The two sizes are appropriate for us different sized ladies (or men).  You chose if you need a small or large (no judging here).  I'm only 5' 3" (I used to say 5'4", but my daughters gave me such a hard time I had to cave) so I think the large size would be just too much for me.  The small size is just right.

It's wearable as a scarf.  It's not so deep that you're completely swamped in knitted fabric.  You can just wrap it around you neck, or at your shoulders, over or under a coat or jacket.

You don't have to bind off.  That's right, no bind off.  Carissa has you decrease until its over.

So do I love it?  Yes I do.  I think you will too.  And while you're on Carissa's Ravelry page, check out her other patterns.  I am determined to learn brioche and do her Deflection.    I should be finished my Triangulate next week, so I'll post my completed shawl.  

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