Who is Amanda Hope?

Amanda Hope is the combination of the names of my two greatest creations, my daughters, Amanda and Hope.

The fleur de lis reflects my pride in growing up in New Orleans, where I spent my first 35 years and one sister and my mother still live.

Are all merino yarns the same?

No they are not.  Like most things in life, merino wool is graded.  Extra Fine wool is finer, and therefore, more delicate than a medium grade wool.  Our Extra Fine Merino is 19.5 microns, finer than most merino wool yarns on the market.

Why don't my hanks match exactly? 

They're created individually, by hand, and not cloned; each one is unique.

Our yarn is dyed in small batches and in water.  We often will list a dye lot on the yarn label, which indicates the yarn's batch.  Because the dye is hand measured (by weight), mixed, and applied in water to a natural product, there will be variations.  Even skeins dyed together may look different, as one skein may have received a bit more dye than the one next to it in the pot. 

Different yarn bases will take the dye differently, so yarns dyed the same color, but on different wools may not match exactly.

Variegated skeins may look different just because they are twisted up differently, from a different end, for example.  They may be more alike than they appear when twisted and labeled.

One skein may have been re-skeined after dyeing.

If using multiple skeins, consider alternating the skeins every few rows to blend the variations and enhance the colors.  Or enjoy the variation of your unique creation!


Why is the dye bleeding when I soak the yarn?

Hot, or even warm, water is an enemy of the professional acid dyes we use.  Hot water will break the chemical reaction between the wool and the dye.  Always use room temperature or cooler water.

Long soaks in water are another enemy of dyes.  When washing your hand knits, soak no more than ten minutes.  The longer the soak, especially with certain wool washes and soaps, the greater the chance that dyes could bleed.  We use Ivory soap and Kookaburra Wool Wash to finish most of our yarns and find it to be kind to our dyes.  It also restores the lanolin to the wool that is diminished by our scouring and dyeing of the yarn.


Do I really have to alternate the hanks when I use multiple hanks of yarn?

See above. 

How long will Dyed to Order skeins take?

As of July 2023, we are now on a one to two week track for Dyed to Order due to its popularity.  You are always welcome to inquire by email as to the status of your order. 

My package isn't showing tracking, why?

Unfortunately, we have seen that sometimes the postal service doesn't get it right.  All yarn is shipped with tracking, but of course, we have no control as to if the USPS will scan the package.  Orders of 4 skeins or more are shipped Priority Mail, which includes some insurance.  Claims cannot be made to the USPS until 15 days from mailing.  Please contact us if there is an issue with shipping and we will do our best to resolve the issue.  Remember that the address you type in is what is put on the label, so please double check it for accuracy.