Shipping Policies and International Orders


WE SHIP TWICE PER WEEK.  At our option, we may ship more often, but you are welcome to contact us for an estimate of the shipping date before placing an order. Please allow 24 hours for us to respond (longer if it is the weekend).  

All orders have to be ready to ship by 8:30 am on shipping day for the USPS to pick up.  So to be sure you make that deadline, please order by 3 pm the day before to allow time to package your order.  As volume allows, we will include as many orders as possible to be shipped, but if your order is placed after 3 pm the day before shipping, it cannot be guaranteed to ship on the next shipping day.  Additionally, sometimes we won't ship your order because multi skein orders will be different dye lots if we ship right away, or we have another issue.

If you select Dyed to Order, orders will be shipped within 2 weeks of ordering unless we email you to let you know of issues (lack of yarn base, prior commitments, etc.).  If time is of the essence, you are welcome to send an email to inquire about the expected shipping date before you order.

If you select Dyed to Order, your entire order will ship together, once the Dyed to Order is completed.  If you would like your other items earlier, please order them separately.

Ship your order anywhere in the US for $5.  

We ship your order via the United States Postal Service (USPS) or United Parecel Service (UPS), at our option.  The US postal service is almost always the least expensive for smaller orders.  If your order is over 15 ounces it will be sent Priority Mail if sent by the USPS.  You will be notified of the tracking number once your item ships.  If your order is less than 15 ounces it will be sent U.S. First Class Mail Package Service, which is also trackable.  

International shipping is $25.  Orders under $400 will be sent via the US post office.  At our option, we may ship orders over $400 via United Parcel Service Expedited to get it to you as soon as possible.  Please note that UPS may charge you to collect any vat/duty/customs that is owed.

If your international order is below the $400 minimum and you would like to have your order shipped via a commercial carrier or, insured, please send an email to and we will correspond with you to determine the best method. If you would like your order sent by UPS, that case you will be billed for the shipping cost in excess of the cost to ship via the US post office, which must be paid prior to shipping.  Unfortunately we cannot offer any overnight shipping services as we have not had good experience due to lack of service guarantees during the pandemic.  If you have an account with a carrier for expedited service, we may be able to ship expedited with your account.

Once your has shipped we are not responsible for its delivery to you, but if there are issues in the shipping, we will always do our best to assist in getting the package to you.  Please know how distressing this is for us as well.  Please be extra careful when you enter your address, as how you enter it is how it will appear on the label.  We cannot be held responsible for misaddressed orders.  Please monitor the tracking of your order  that you receive when we ship.  Please allow at least two weeks for delivery during the holiday season and understand that we only have control over when we ship, but not how long your package takes to arrive to you.  

Shipping fees are not refundable unless the return is due to an error of Amanda Hope Yarn.  Please be aware that your monitor may show colors differently than ours so we cannot consider a color difference to be an error, to be considered for the refund of shipping (we will always refund you the cost of the merchandise for any reason, if returned in the original salable condition within 6 weeks of delivery.)


International customers should be aware that their country may impose fees to allow the goods into their country  (especially VAT).  Additionally, carriers may add a fee to collect the amounts owed. Amanda Hope Yarn is not responsible for these fees.  We will value your package at its actual sales price.  We have experienced that many of our international customers are surprised when the order triggers duties and/or VAT.  We have no control over these fees.  Your package may be held up with your carrier until the fees or paid.  After a prescribed time, the package will be returned to us if you don't pay the fees.

International customers' shipping costs are paid almost entirely by Amanda Hope Yarn (the $25 is usually only 1/3 to 1/2 of the actual cost).  If you fail to pay the customs/duty/vat and the package is returned to us we may deduct the actual cost of shipping in excess of the amount paid by the customer from the order refund.  

Please include your telephone number with your order to facilitate notification by the carrier of any duty of fees that are due.  We encourage this process. If not, our phone number is automatically included and it may delay getting your order to you if there are any issues and the shipper needs to contact you.  Commercial carriers may automatically your phone number on the shipping label when we print the label.  We cannot change this.

UK Customers

As of January 1, 2021, due to Brexit, e-commerce sellers are required to register with the UK government and collect VAT to ship into the UK for orders under a certain amount.  At this time, we have decided to forgo registering so we can only ship orders over $200 USD into the UK.  Our prices online do not include VAT.  UK customers will be required to pay VAT and/or customs fees for orders from Amanda Hope Yarn.  


We have not registered our packaging with the German government and cannot ship to Germany.

International postal service shipments sent via the US post office are taking as long as four months in some instances during the pandemic.  Please note that we will do everything we can to assist you with your international order if it appears to go missing, but our experience is that it is usually held up in customs and NOT missing.  If your country closes its borders to commercial flights during the pandemic, your order will be held by the US postal service until commercial flights resume.  We cannot do anything to remedy this.