What? Where's Dyed to Order?

What? Where's Dyed to Order?

While it has always been my practice to dye any color that is sold out, even when a customer only needs one, with the growth Amanda Hope Yarn has experienced, supply issues, and upcoming commitments (Advent Kits, I mean you!), I'm finding that I am unable to promise delivery of Dyed to Order within two weeks anymore. Therefore, I've had to put "Dyed to Order" on pause.   I had hoped to add a helper in the Dye Barn to increase capacity, but with today's economy and the pandemic, that option has not been available.  

I considered simply extending the time on Dyed to Order, but I really am not fond of accepting money for yarn that won't be delivered for weeks, a month, or more.  (Of course Advent Kits are the exception, because they take so much planning and preparation.)  I also want to make sure I can continue to develop new colorways and offer some special options, like I did with the Fall Fade minis and Fall tonals, special mystery sock sets, and new yarn base.  Amanda Hope Yarn needs to stay fresh, but to do that I have to pause the Dyed to Order policy, at least for now.  I'm a stickler for shipping Advent Kits out on time, so something has to give.

Over the past six months or so, I have been working on some new colorways and have stock, especially in heavier weights like DK and Aran, that I haven't been able to photograph for the website.  So don't worry, there will be new yarn added to the shop during this time and I will be resupplying the sold out colors.  There's also a whole "mess" of minis dyed that need to be bundled and photographed.  I hope you understand that I must have a little bit more control over the dye schedule to get everyone his or her Advent Kit out on time and keep the core colorways stocked.

You are always welcome to email me if your favorite color or kit is sold out.  Sometimes I may be able to move up your colorway on the schedule to provide your yarn, especially if only one color of your kit is sold out or if it is compatible with the dye plans for the week.  Ask Julia M. about how long she had to wait for her Dyed to Order Highlighter Yellow because twice I dyed it when I was dyeing other colors that actually ended up blowing onto her yellow skeins and putting pink dots (Loganberry, that's you).    I know having all colors available has been a favorite of my customers, so I truly hope I can bring it back in same form, or some similar form, very soon.   Please be patient.  Hopefully this is only a pause.

Thank you for all your support and, in advance, for your patience.

P.S.  Yes, that's the messy Dye Barn.  I dye your yarn on a commercial steam table or in my commercial food warmer, which is really just a tall oven that only goes to 200 degrees F and has special shelves for the hotel pans.


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    Stacey Barrett: October 10, 2022

    Hi Amanda,
    I notice this post was written last year. I was wondering if your planning Advent again this year? I saw Gina’s on Knitting Turnpike last year and fell in love! I had never ordered an Advent for anyone because they are poor quality or lacking. I ADORED YOURS! it was classy, cool and amazing!! If so when would they go on sale? Thank you for your beautiful inspiring work. You have a great eye for color.

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