Amanda Hope Yarn was founded by Wendy Forrest, who couldn’t find the exquisite hand dyed yarns she craved in her small town of Nacogdoches, Texas.  At the time, there was no local yarn shop, so when she and her husband traveled, Wendy sought out yarn shops to feed her stash.  While in Ireland, Wendy convinced her husband, Richard, to tour the studio of a hand dyer, who was kind enough to show Wendy her studio and craft.  After the tour, Richard convinced Wendy that if she wanted a supply of hand dyed yarn, she should just dye it herself.  After all, it looked a lot like cooking, and Richard had always loved Wendy’s cooking.

And so Wendy ordered yarn, read books, and started dyeing.  Not satisfied with that yarn, she found other sources of yarn and dyed and dyed and dyed, until she found the yarns she loved.  And she continued to dye yarn until it became evident that unless she started parting with her yarn, the Forrests would have to build yet another barn on their property.

As so the saga continues.  Thank you for stopping by our corner of the web.  Hope that you find some yarn here that suits your fancy.  Wendy can't seem to limit herself to just a few colors or yarns, so please stop by often as the selection will change.  For the timing of shop updates, fiber fests, trunk shows, and special offers, please sign up for the newsletter (don't worry, Wendy will not be bombarding you with emails), and follow Amanda Hope Yarn on Facebook and Instagram.