Serendipity Colors

Ser en dip i ty

the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for; a happy accident, a blessing
Serendipity Colors
Sometimes skeins in the dye pots things don't turn out quite as expected.  The dye weight is off, mineral content in the well water is different, an errant turquoise dye particle remained in the pan so the yarn has to be overdyed.  Or sometimes you just want to experiment.  These skeins are the result.  There's nothing wrong with these skeins, they're just not what was aimed for.  They are coded so you can find the ones from the same batch, but many are not repeatable, and will forever remain One of A Kind (OOAK), so if you like it, better get it. Every now and then a Serendipity color will be named and added to the regular lineup.  It's hard to predict.

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